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                                                                                 Full trays 9-11 portions, Full trays 20-22 portions

Baby Red Potato Salad with red peppers, green onions, parlsey, dijon mustard, lemon pepper mayo and pancetta (1/2 $40.00/ Full $80.00)

Greek Salad with cucumbers, canadian feta cheese, tomatoes, dill and parsley with our greek dressing (1/2 $40.00 / Full $80.00)  

Honey lime coleslaw with green and red cabbage, carrots, lime zest, honey, mayo, sour cream and cilantro (1/2 $30.00 / Full $60.00)

Apple cider vinegar coleslaw with green cabbage, onions, celery seed, green pepper with our apple cider vinaigrette (1/2 $30.00 / Full $60.00)

Quinoa and tomatoes with green onions, roasted sunflower seeds, cucumbers, fresh basil and roasted garlic with a red wine vinaigrette  (1/2 $42.00 / Full 


Fennel and orange salad with arugula, fennel tops and orange segments with a blood orange / grapefruit vinaigrette (1/2 $50.00 / Full 


Shaved carrot and ginger with arugula, sesame seeds, red onions and a rice wine vinaigrette (1/2 $40.00 / Full $80.00)

Spinach and strawberry with peppered goat cheese, crushed walnuts and a mixed berry vinaigrette (1/2 $45.00 / Full $90.00)

Caeser salad with romaine lettuce with shaved parmigiano reggiano and grilled croutons with our homemade caeser dressing (1/2 $36.00 / Full $72.00)

Chopped Salad with cabbage, cucumber , kale, green onions, red peppers, cherry tomatoes, feta, roasted sunflower seeds with our lemon vinaigrette (1/2 $40.00 / Full $80.00)

Garden Salad with butter lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, green onion curls, shaved carrot, avocado and chopped bell peppers with a red wine vinaigrette (1/2 $40.00 / Full $80.00)

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